A chaotic image with patterns, bubbles, and a rainbow made in the Tux Paint open source drawing software for kids

This piece seeks to contextualize the problems of the video games industry within its own mythology, and from there, to imagine and celebrate new directions through a lens of anti-capitalist and embodied compassion.

My name is Marina Ayano Kittaka (she/her), I’m a 4th gen Japanese American trans woman from middle…

The artist must take sides. He must elect to fight for freedom or slavery. I have made my choice. I had no alternative.
―Paul Robeson

Been listening to Paul Robeson’s music lately and starting to learn more about his life. What strikes me was that he was a lifelong learner…

When I was a child, one of the big reasons I turned to small hobbyist games was because they were often free and available online. I had a lot of energy, time, and desire for games, and it was a lot of fun to find hidden gems. …

The Art of Even the Ocean

Note: major story and visual spoilers abound in this one!

The Art of Even the Ocean

In Chapter 1: From Pixels to Painting, I looked back on the process that led me to digitally paint Even the Ocean’s outdoor areas. Today, we’re looking at the painting process itself!

Growing Pains

Even after I settled on a digital painting style, there was still a continued development process during which…

Notes on Contour and Color from the Artist of Even the Ocean

Since childhood, I’ve always been more attuned to contour (depicting objects with the outlines of their form — line drawing) over color and form. Instead of fun and vibrant “kid art”, I offered ambitious-yet-drab pencil drawings in Thank You and birthday cards. …

The Art of Even the Ocean


Hi, my name is Marina Kittaka, and I made Even the Ocean with Sean Han Tani. Even the Ocean is a narrative action platforming video game about balancing the light and dark energies that hold the world together. I’ve wanted to do things like share my process and feel a…

Kelly Koala is a handmade book, printed during a book arts class in 2011 using polymer plates. The initial idea of this book centered around creating a humorous and kinetic rhythm by having each illustration depict the text from the previous page spread. …

Marina Kittaka

Artist/writer/designer of stories and games

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