Divest from the Video Games Industry!

A chaotic image with patterns, bubbles, and a rainbow made in the Tux Paint open source drawing software for kids

The Problems


The Industry Promise

Precious Gems

The Narrative of Technology and Progress

What We Hope to Gain

What’s Next?

Center BIPOC/queer leadership

Divest from celebrity/authority

Divest from video games exceptionalism

Reimagine scale

Redefine niche

Ground yourself in your body

  • You carry your past selves within you, even as you change. “Our bodies are neural and physiological reservoirs of all our significant experiences starting in our prenatal past to the present.”⁴
  • You can lose a spark and gain another. You can gain 6 sparks in place of the one you lost.
  • What is it that you ultimately seek from being “good at art”? Ego satisfaction? Human connection? Self-respect? All of these things would be easier to come by in the feared scenario in which you are so happy and healthy that you can no longer make art. Cut out the middleman! Art is for nerds!

Invest outside of games

Work towards a more accessible world

Invest in alternative technological advancements

Look to small tools

Sucking as praxis

Fight for history

Expand government arts funding

Labor organizing

Collaborative / open source resources

Give money

Just Play!



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