• David Crespo

    David Crespo

  • Alia Ormut-Fleishman

    Alia Ormut-Fleishman

    Senior Product Designer | Formerly: WeWork, Grubhub, Etsy, Foursquare | aliaof.com

  • Christina Norman

    Christina Norman

    Co-founder of Elodie Games. Game Designer. Previously at Riot (League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift), and BioWare (Mass Effect 1–3).

  • Lauren Millikan

    Lauren Millikan

    Over-thinker, Librarian, BrainCoach, Reader, English Major, Classics Enthusiast, Blogger and Nerd

  • Jason Watson

    Jason Watson

    Running the #GreatNorthRun and raising money for @GNairambulance. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/jasonbwatson

  • Jessica McGrath

    Jessica McGrath

    I’m a graphic designer and artist; I’m co-founder and the art half of indie Game Dev duo Doppler Interactive. I write, draw, paint and make games.

  • Lu Blue!

    Lu Blue!

    Spacewitch hailing from the lunar landscape. Advocate of tofu and fluorescent hair. When I hug trees rainbows come out. Maker of things, and also games.

  • chris goshy

    chris goshy

    I am a Digital Marketer includes Seo..

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