The Art of Even the Ocean

Chapter 3: Character Art and Design

Left: Old Aliph sketches. Middle: the central figure is Dolores. Right: mostly Calluna sketches (she was originally named Moonderful).

Choosing Humans

Left: Aliph, Yara, and Humus. Middle: Power suit, Yara, Cassidy. Right: They’re pretty much labeled.

Stepping Stones

Chairman Darnell Vale also gets caught up in trying to use the power of Whiteforge City for good. In the time between the fountain flashback and the present, he styles himself after the Mayor and adopts a pro-smiling agenda. Biggs responds by forgetting his name all the time.

Stylization and Idealization

“Self-portrait in empty apartment”, Oct 3, 2017. Where does this painting fall in regards to this discussion? Am I being vulnerable? Is the vulnerability undercut by the technical act of creating an aesthetic image? Does that matter to the viewer?

Individuality vs. Locations as Characters

Pre-polish draft of all the characters portraits and sprites

Drawing Process

Photograph traced as sketch. Sometimes I would trace and other times I wouldn’t — depending on if I wanted to change the angle of the head, for instance.
Shrunk down sketch, traced, colored, and tested with a textbox.
Final character sprites. Note the unfinished portrait of the character Jae from Dreamdram Canyon, who hid the Red Emerald Marble but never actually shows up in the game.





Artist/writer/designer of stories and games

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Marina Kittaka

Marina Kittaka

Artist/writer/designer of stories and games

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